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In addition to asana practice, students will learn to meditate. Method OF evaluation: participation in class discussions and reporting and writing exercises, and the completion of one fully-reported, original, feature-length news story about a topic to be assigned at the beginning of the course prerequisites: none enrollment limit:. 5 Departure, January 28 Travel back to Williams instructor: Ileana Perez Velazquez MUS 31 Senior Thesis To be taken by students registered for Music 493, 494. Kinoprogramm, alfons Zitterbacke, avengers: endgame, der Fall Collini, after Passion. At the beginning of WSP, the class will meet for lecture and discussion three mornings a week and for lab 2 afternoons a week. Instructors: Amal Eqeiq and Jane Canova arab 31 Senior Thesis To be taken by students registered for arab 493-494. Yet many of them find themselves isolated and stigmatized, unable to disclose their status to friends, colleagues or teachers, or find support from other youth in similar situations. The three lead instructors for the program for January 2016 are Collette Chilton (Chief Investment Officer Abigail Wattley (Director and Annie Jeong (Investment Analyst). We will *not* consider arguments for and against atheism in this course. She is also a published poet, a producer, and a sought after coach. We will draw from paintings, sculpture, and architecture in the context of landscape, and where appropriate- we will work interactively with drawing people. Justice AND LAW jlst 13 United States Environmental Law: Its Historic Past, Its Uncertain Future (Same as envi 13) Taught from the perspective of an experienced trial attorney, this course will examine the role environmental law plays. Case's jewelry studio in her home in North Adams, and the studio will also be open to students for work outside of class hours. Ensembles will have priority cost PER student: 25 meeting time: afternoons instructor: Erica Dankmeyer Erica Dankmeyer is an Artist in Residence at Williams.

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How will you achieve balance between the two? Meeting time: mornings enrollment limit: 12 cost PER student: 25 prerequisites: all students are welcome, regardless of their level of experience. She currently lives and works in Penland,. Method OF evaluation: class participation and varied writing assignments totaling 12-15 pages in all prerequisites: none enrollment limit: 12 method OF selection: preference to students with expressed or demonstrated interest in American travel, geography, ethnography, culture, or journalism cost. Prerequisites: All students should know the rules of chess and be able to read chess notation. No prerequisites are required. He is now chairman emeritus of The Korea Society. He studied at the Studio for Interrelated Media at the Massachusetts College of Art and has exhibited and performed in venues including the Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow, UK; Theater am Ring, Villingen-Schwenningen, Germany; and Tmuna Theatre, Tel Aviv, Israel. The experience of the course will include approximately ten days of living (with minimal amenities) with families in a subsistence farming community. Lead 18 Wilderness Leadership in Emergency Care This Winter Study course is for students who would like to participate in a 9 day -72 hour comprehensive hands on in-depth look at the standards and skills of dealing with: Response and Assessment, Musculoskeletal. During her time at Williams, Annie was involved with the Eph Business Association, and played the flute in the Berkshire Symphony, Wind Ensemble, and chamber music groups. We borrow the concept of "composing a life" from Mary Catherine Bateson, as an apt metaphor for the ongoing process of defining success and balance in life. In this winter study, you will learn how to build those applications.

: preference given to French and Africana studies majors/concentrators cost PER student: 0 meeting time: mornings instructor: Kashia Pieprzak rlfr 15 Maghrebin Film: From Independence to the Arab Spring (Same as arts. We are likely to make one or more off-campus trips. We will be continuing to work with three national networks based in Kampala, as well as a number of small grassroots groups, to identify the young activists who will work with us to develop business proposals. Method OF evaluation: evaluation will be based on a journal and a 5-page paper. Through assigned readings and multimedia information, this course will provide students the tools for self-studying new movements and practicing those learned in class. The residency at Green Mountain Girls Farm will last one week, from Monday January 18 Monday January. . To gain further understanding of the impact of advanced manufacturing on jobs and the economy, we will visit several companies and institutions in New England that use advanced manufacturing technologies to create parts for industries such as aerospace and medical devices. Envi 25 Sustainable Agriculture in California (Same as biol 25) Students will gain hands-on experience with the diversity of agricultural practices in Central Coast of California on a variety farms from vineyards in San Luis Obispo County in the south. Astronomy/astrophysics astronomy astr 12 Mars (and now, Pluto)!-A Passion for Planets (Same as geos 11) This course, meant for non-majors, will deal with scientific, historical, and literary aspects of the planets Mars and Pluto. Attendance and participation will also be taken into account. Henry Kizito is the Executive Director of Kafophan Kalangala, a dynamic grassroots group fighting HIV on the Ssese Islands of Lake Victoria. Hist 12 The East is Red?-Socialism in Asia (Same as asst 12 and psci 10) See under asst for full description hist 14 African Cities and Fiction (Same as AFR 14 and gbst 14) This course examines the ways. In this way the yoga asana practice enacts the sacred, namely awareness and presence, taking form in the lived experience of the body.

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Students will learn how to cut glass; to paint and print on glass with kiln-fired enamels; and to assemble and solder a stained glass window. The course will begin by tracing the development of an American consciousness towards the environment through an examination of our law and our literature. The curriculum will include analysis of fair labor practices, the migrant workers on dairy farm, and hiring and organizational learning at small farms. . It was thai massage brønderslev frække ældre damer also the decade of Franklin Roosevelt. Biol 11 Bioeyes Teaching 4th Grade about Zebrafish Bioeyes brings tropical fish to 4th grade classrooms in Williamstown and Greylock Elementary schools, in a science teaching workshop. 8-11 - orientation, historical and economic overview and preliminary explorations in Managua, staying at AKF center Jan. And what are the ramifications for democratic accountability and governance? It examines the spread and influence of Marxism in Asia, the polices of socialist states and movements in relation to decolonization, the Cold War, and the Sino-Soviet split, and the marriage between market reforms and ostensibly socialist governments in the present day. In Uganda we have now built a network of youth, supporting them with trainings and material resources to create their own computer training centers, internet cafes, and other kinds of small social enterprises. Enrollment limit: 1 or 2 per project. Kennedy to claims that the.S. She has added her own style of movement to the Limon technique, creating an expansive, free-flowing dance that is wonderful to do and to watch. We will also talk about their construction of a canal system, and their architecture and engineering. Mao Zedong's Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution (1966-76 the Korean War (1950-53) and the current Kim Jong-un regime in North Korea (2011-?). TBA russ 25 Williams in Georgia (Same as spec 24) Williams has a unique program in the Republic of Georgia, which offers students the opportunity to engage in three-week-long internships in any field. All students will have an opportunity to learn all technical positions, to learn the teamwork required of filmed production, and to share and debate their opinions, boldly, on-camera. If team work is selected for the creation of a project there will be a limit of one student per discipline in each team. 15-19 for four days of professionally filmed interviewing. In any case, all students considering this course must consult with the instructor about the suitability of the internship being considered before the winter study registration period. Students will pursue their own research on any topic of their own choosing for a 10-page final paper, and we'll use a workshop format to discuss the research and writing of that paper. Econ 52 Micro-Simulation Modeling for Ex Ante Policy Analysis Micro-simulation modeling provides one of the most powerful tools for ex ante evidence-based analysis of economic and social policy interventions. Prerequisites: none method OF evaluation: 10-page paper, participation throughout enrollment limit: 8 method FOR selection: application form and interview cost PER student: 3856 instructor: Kiaran Honderich wgss 31 Honors Project See description of Degree with Honors in Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies. This is a hands-on modeling course, and students will build a micro-simulation model for a country of their choice and use this model in completing the course requirements. The volunteer tax preparation sessions take place in North Adams and are usually Wednesday and Thursday evenings during the final week of Winter Study, and then Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings after that. In this hemisphere, as well as the daily struggles, the dignity, and the hope of some of its most marginalized citizens. Method OF evaluation: 8-page paper prerequisites: none enrollment limit: 14 method OF selection: preference to seniors cost PER student: 0 meeting time: other; varies depending on needs of schools and laboratory requirements explanation OF meeting time: instructor Jennifer Swoap Jennifer Swoap.

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Squirt lernen kino vs schwenningen Over the course of six days that we will be at Sera Je monastery we will receive teachings for 1 Â hours daily from our monastic teacher on Lam Rim (Stages of the Path). We will discuss works by Teju Cole, Mukoma wa Ngugi, Binyavanga Wainaina, Phaswane Mpe, Lauren Beukes, and Chris Abani, among others. We also visited a local school where we interacted with local children. Vainsencher was Williams College's Levitt fellow in 2009, and since then she has taught a winter study class in January 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015. Enrollment limit: 9 method OF selection: Students with a demonstrated interest in agriculture, food production, and labor issues, and food policy will be given squirt lernen kino vs schwenningen preference.
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